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Golf Ball Fitting.

With so many balls on the market, finding the right ball can be really confusing! Knowing what ball to use is both a lengthy and timely process by yourself. The amazing power and accuracy of the Trackman launch assists me in finding out what ball fits our game the most!

I think it is important to recognise that I am not an 'ambassador' for any brands nor do I receive free products from any brand. I do this to try to stay as independent as I can and can honestly say I have no brand bias. This gives you the piece of mind that my selection is what I honestly think will be best for your game.

Golf Balls 101.

The Cover:

The cover is the first fitting element: More spin around the green or more control off the tee.. that is the question! I will always try to determine whether the player needs more help on keeping full swing shots straighter, or more stopping power on the green. But remember, you cant have both!

The ball companies will advertise you can have both but the reality is a ball either has a high spin cover or a low spin cover.

The high spin cover or urethane rubber, is a more expensive material and is designed to grip and generate more spin with wedges, but that also means you will curve the ball more for longer shots!

The low spin cover or surlyn rubber is a firmer material that helps with low spin off the club face. Great for longer shots staying straighter. Around the green it may feel firmer and roll on more. It is also a more durable cover.

The Core:

The core of the golf ball is is the second fitting element. Balls generally have a 2-piece, 3-piece or 4-piece core. This directly links to the players swing speed, or how much they compress the ball. The more speed, the more layers you need.

Think if it like a soccer ball, if you kick a soccer ball that is not pumped up, it wouldnt spin a lot but you would lose speed off the foot. A soccer ball that is pumped up too much want compress and will lose speed. The perfect pumped up soccer ball will bounce off the foot with a good amount of spin.

Ball Fitting Example at X-Golf Mentone:

After getting the players shot profile, handicap bracket, the golfers goals and seeing his swing speed, I am able to select a range of balls that suit his criteria. We will generally capture 4 or 5 hits with each ball, deleting any missed hits that will throw out the numbers. I think feel is an important component and will ask the player questions on the fit and try to get him dialled in to the different sounds and feels off the face.

In this ball fitting example, The Trackman numbers helped us come to the conclusion that the Bridgestone E6 was the best balance of player feel, low spin characteristics and a high smash factor.


The player will give the fitted ball a play for the next few rounds and hopefully see a great result in the next few rounds!

Ball fitting with Jack Macleod

Cost: $75

Duration: 1 hour

Call: 9585 8383

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