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Course Strategy - Own the 50 !

I wanted to share some success I have been having with my students in a key strategy that improves scoring!

Pictured: Explaining wedge fundamentals to a group of students.

What we do:

In a lesson, we work on nailing the 50 metre wedge shot. The club selection, the fundamental setup positions, the club movements as well as the judgement of the distance. The Trackman and X-Golf simulator combination allows us to get an accurate reading of how far the ball is going.

After targeting this range, the player can improve this distance quickly and be very confident in this range. Instead of practising a variety of random distances, I suggest targeting this 50 metre shot.

Pictured: Player works on dialling in the 50 metre wedge technique

To do this precisely, you need a GPS/Rangefinder:

With the use of technology of GPS devices and Range finders, players can work out where the 50 is. 10 years ago, only Steve Williams could work this out! Now with your GPS devices, you can work this out quickly and easily. If you are in the market for a GPS or rangefinder, please visit the House of Golf for EXPERT advice on measuring devices.

So here is the strategy:

I have 3 different scenarios to play out:

1: The poor tee shot.

In this example, I have played a poor tee shot, slicing it to the right trees. (in your head you are thinking.. yup thats me!)

I have around 170m to the green, I could go for glory... but instead I use my technology to find the 50m range and play a 7 iron to that distance.

I now have 53 metres to the pin and I feel from this distance I am either going to make Par or Bogey. If I went for the green, I could have made Par but the probability is extremely low and could have walked away with a 6, 7 or 8!

2: The reachable Par 5

In this scenario, I have played a great tee shot and have 190 to the green. There is nothing more satisfying that lining up an eagle putt. It is a great feeling!

Want know the polar opposite?

Stuffing up the approach and making a bogey!

I have 190 to the green and I use my technology to steer a 6 iron to the right side of the fairway opening up the angle to the left pin position, 50 metres from the target and I now have a great chance to play my favourite wedge shot that I have trained hard and I have some much confidence from this range! I hit it close to the pin, giving myself a 10ft birdie putt.. That of-course, I make!

3: The reachable Par 4

This one takes some discipline!

Down wind, downhill, playing about 240.. in my head, I am channeling my inner Bubba.. or thinking...Brooks Koepka would go for it.. dont be a coward...

But.. I worked so hard on that 50 metre wedge shot for weeks, lets cash in on that hard work.

The decision is a hybrid shot to that 50 metre range, giving me that 50 metre wedge shot into the green. This makes a par or birdie a very likely play and takes away the bogey.

I wouldn't call this 'playing safe'.

I would call it playing to your strength.

Our first point of call is gaining the correct setup, technique, using the right club and judging swing length to execute this shot.

So the first thing we need to do is book in a lesson on owning the 50 metre wedge shot!

Look forward to seeing you soon.


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