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Club Gapping Sessions - Working out how far your clubs go & finding any 'gaps' in your set make-up.

Recently I have conducted a few gapping sessions with people getting new irons and wanting the Trackman data on how far the clubs are going. Also working out the spacing of your woods and hybrids / what degree wedges is always a valuable 1 hour spent in here at X-Golf Mentone.

Here are some common themes I am seeing in modern golf equipment gapping sessions:

- A big gap in distance between PW and SW.

Most modern sets have stronger lofts but wedge lofts need to be maintained to get the correct stopping power on the greens. This leaves a gap of 10 degrees in the set. For example: A player will hit their PW 110m and then only able to hit 80m with their 56 degree wedge. A new club has been formed called a gap wedge that sits exactly in the middle of the 10 degree gap, hence the name!

- 3 woods and 5 woods go the same distance.

Fairway woods are loaded with power, if you hit the right launch window, the ball goes a great distance! In some cases driver type distances, it can be a real weapon in the bag! I find most players will hit the 5 wood better because of the correct launch window where the 3 wood does not launch high enough.

- 4 iron has gotta go!

Most players that are trying to break 100 or even 90 need to opt for a long iron replacement. Why? Because a 4 driving iron or 4 hybrid are SOOOOO much easier to hit. Forgot the tradition, Irons start at 5 iron in 2019 so get used to it and watch your long game improve!



In this example, we have an issue with the players desire to hit longer irons as opposed to substitute options such as Fairway Woods or Hybrids.

The 3i, 4i and 5i were doing too similar of a job in regards to launch, flight, vertical landing angle and spin. The players attack angle is steep but we do not mind that. So instead of a swing change, we have suggested an equipment change.

The Change: We have ditched the small profile 3i and 4i and opted for a PING Golf Australia / PING Golf G400 5w and G400 4 Crossover as it really suited his eye over the Hybrid options. This combo produced a much better gapping of both distances and launch. Increasing the Vertical Landing Angle into the green will enable the player to attack par 5's and longer par 4's.



In this example, we have a higher handicapper who hit his driver very well but fairway wood very poorly. His 3 wood was too stiff and did not launch high enough, The 3 wood performed too close to his 3 iron which is a driving iron style that he launches very nice.

After testing some fairway woods with a higher loft and a softer shaft, he was able to hit the correct distance that made that club have a distinct role in the bag. It is very confusing and frustrating when your set make up is incorrect and this is another example of that.


Want to book in a gapping session?

Call Jack at X-Golf Mentone on 9585 8383

Duration: 1 hour.

Cost: $75

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