Practice Program

The lessons you have with a PRO are great but all the gains are truly done in your practice. What does your current practice look like? Do you follow a routine or is it just random hitting?

I have created a practice program for the player wanting to break 100, 90 or 80.

Once you click to buy the practice program, I will send you:
Questionnaire about your game

Goal setting sheet

A weekly practice routine

A gameday practice routine

Speed Program

There is a true correlation to how far you can hit it and how low your scores become!

Through my qualification with Titleists TPI. I have created a speed program for beginners intermediate and advanced athletes. The idea here is the make exercises and stretching tasks golf-specific to help you increase club speed.

Once you click to buy the speed program, I will send you:
Questionnaire about your game

Current and goal speed sheet

A weekly speed routine

A program for your gym work

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