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Complete player profile.

I want to learn more about your game. What is your ball flight like? What do you want it to look like? What is your common miss?

Goal setting is a big part of any lesson, I will ask about some progressive and long term goals.


Send a video of your swing.

Send through a video of your swing to Whatsapp or Email. ​Slo-mo is ideal but the standard video is also fine.

I generally like to get the two angles.:

FO (front on)

DTL (down the line)


Receive my analysis.

I will carefully look through your videos and align that with your goals and find aread of improvement.


I will send back the video within 24 hours with a full analysis of your technique and the areas of improvement.


Receive a personalized training program.

Your custom training program is based around your goals and the areas I want you to improve to reach those goals. 

I will cover a warm-up task as well as the drills/swings I want you to make. Included are tasks to improve your ability to create balance, speed and range of motion in your swing. 


Stay in touch.

Each online lesson and training program runs for 4 weeks. During that time, I am available for contact via WhatsApp if you have further questions, explanations required for the drills/exercises. 

After that 4 weeks, I will prompt for another online lesson to keep the progress rolling.

get started!

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Here is what to expect in an online lesson!

Example 1:

Online Putting Lesson

Example 2:

Online Full Swing Lesson

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