Jacks Ultimate Putting Program

the program used by over 500 golf coaches worldwide

A complete guide to improve your putting training and also your game day routine that will truly help your putting. A combination of performance tracking software and the training program used by the worlds best players.

This truly is the Ultimate Putting Program!

What you get for $50:

- The weekly putting routine chart

- The game-day routine chart

- The 12 hole putting scorecard and performance tracker

- The Putting drill library

putting drill library

30 ft putts

Blue Tac Drill.

Place blu tac on the clubface a ball apart and train yourself to hit the sweet spot

One Arm Drill.

Hit Putts with one arm to feel the weight of the putter head and add more finesse to your stroke

Prayer Drill.

Place your palms evenly on the putter like a 'prayer'. You have no strength on the grip and it will force you to use your body and shoulders more.

Manilla Folder Drill.

The old school drill uses a manilla folder. The idea is to roll the ball into the size of a manilla folder from 30 ft away.

Tee at Apex Drill.

Place a tee gate at the apex of the break to work on hitting the correct line on loner breaking putts.

15 ft putts

Breaking Apex Drill.

Place a tee at the apex of the break and ensure your ball starts on the line to ensure the break is read.

1ft Past the Hole.

Ensuring you get past the hole from 15ft really is the only way to gain strokes in this category.

Head Down till the hole.

Keeping still through the putt can be a great drill to help you keep steady through the putt in a pressure situation.

Mirror Drill.

use a putting mirror from this range to ensure your eyes are correctly placed.

5 ft putts

Putting Rail.

use the putting rail to ensure you are hitting good putts and starting the ball on your intended line.

Mirror Drill.

Ensure eyes are correctly placed as well as stroke mechanics are aligned to hole these short putts.

Tee Gate.

Create a gate with tees or coins to help control start line.

Head Down till Hole.

Keep your head down till you hear the ball rattle the cup. Harder than you think!

Eyes closed feel drill.

Simply putt with your eyes closed. It helps you feel the stroke and creates better tempo.

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