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Jack MacLeod is a PGA professional and is regarded as one of the top young golf coaches in Australia. Jack has spent time with some of the biggest names in golf as a player and instructor both locally and internationally. Jack spends time overseas worked with the University of Oregon Men's Golf Team and carries out a range of coaching obligations in the USA, giving him an edge in elite player development and practice plans.



He became a full member of the PGA in 2009 receiving a high distinction in the field of coaching and holds the highest level of golf coaching accreditation recognised by the Australian sports commission. Jack is TPI certified, which enables him to screen his clients and have a deep understanding of positions they can and cannot hit due to what their body can and cannot do.


Jack holds a Diploma in Sports Coaching and is graded by the PGA of Australia as an Advanced Level Coach.


Jack is currently the Head Golf Coach at X-Golf Mentone, a contributor to the Inside Golf Magazine, a featured coach on the skillest app and plays a role in finding junior players placements in USA College Golf programs. 

Get in touch with Jack to find out how he can turn your golfing potential into reality.


" Jack played a significant role in improving my game enough to get accepted to play College Golf in the USA. Thanks so much Jack, I am loving it over here!

- Patrick

My philosophy on improving your game

You do not need the perfect swing to improve. I will always teach the player as an individual and find the swing that works best for you. Having a clear understanding of what is happening in your swing will fast track your road to improvement. 

The Art of Teaching is the ability to choose the least invasive way to change the golfers mechanics to come up with the desired net effect on the club movement to change their impact alignments. I am always looking to keep things simple and not confuse the golfer. The visual feedback available enables this to take place.

" I knew the short game was important but I did not know the best way to improve it. Jack showed me a series of drills for pitching and chipping that I have been able to take the the course and am loving the backspin I am getting! Thanks Jack."

- Rory.


Nick saying goodbye to his slice!
From slice to draw in one lesson!
Improved Bunker Technique
AFL Star Jack Gunston in a lesson with Jack.
Ball Striking upgrades 
Swing transformation through regular coaching.

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Become a member of the ultimate training facility at X-Golf Mentone.

" I have had the dreaded slice for 10+ years and in a couple of lessons Jack has got me hitting a draw! I just love the video on the big screen, it really helps me see what is happening. I no longer get 'golfers elbow' also!" 

- Clinton

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" I never thought I would get down to single figures but at age 55 I have finally done it! (14 down to 9.3!). We worked on reducing three putts and Jack has got me turning through the ball much better. "

- Peter

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